Merry everything and happy always!

Merry Everything and Happy Always LBG14-MDBN-01Merry again

Yes, ‘ tis the season to be jolly! Since my blog about the 10 years after my mom passed away, I get the feeling every Christmas is getting better again. Writing does have certain healing effects I guess..
For the first time in a few years, I am actually enjoying setting up the Christmas tree. Though it is a small one this year as per the missus wishes. I bet the cats would have liked the one reaching the ceiling more though 😉
Through time, patience and education, I can now honestly say I am ready for Christmas. I just feel I can enjoy it to the fullest once more and I think that’s a beautiful thing. At the same time, I find some smaller things more valuable.

More personal or easy?

I know, times change. But I do really miss the times when people would actually write a card to wish a person a good winter/Christmas/new year. Sometimes with a personal note.
Or hand pick a card to match the person/situation/attire.

So every year, we send Christmas cards to the whole family, friends and folks in our street.
And rush a bit to write back to people we get cards from, so we always return the favor.
I find it a simple, personal and thoughtful way to express you wish each other luck, good health and pleasure for the times to come. Unlike Facebook.

Merry Facebook?

On Facebook and other “social” media, people smack a random non-personal greeting on their own wall as clickbait or wait for people to like it.
I did see some folks actually put more than 2 seconds of thought and effort in a wish trough Facebook. Even saw some posts of customized wishes on other people’s walls, but it’s a rarity. More kudo’s to them though!
I know, Facebook is a lot easier and faster to send out your greetings to the world, but it’s hardly personal.

Ask yourself

Would I appreciate a personal card more than a undirected message on Facebook?
Would I write a card back if someone took the effort to send me one?

I invite you to buy a stack of cards, some stamps and pick up a pen.
I personally think that writing a card shows way more interest and effort towards the receiver opposed to that impersonal broadcast-to-all message on social media.

And when a person writes back to you and undertakes the same effort, that’s golden in these times.
I applaud you, it’s much appreciated! 🙂


I almost forgot: some argue the cost of sending cards. Please go ahead and post something on Facebook. But as I already wrote once:
Please donate (part of) the savings to a good cause, there are people actually needing it to be on their way to a merry everything and a happy always.
And I assume most of our Facebook friends can easily afford a couple of cards anyways.. And you can go around the postal fees by delivering in person, with more appreciation to show for it by the receiver 🙂

If you do want to send a card: Buy a stack of 10 from a national post office (10 euro’s including stamps), make personalized ones through a printing company (10 for 2 euro’s) or be creative yourselves (priceless)!

Either way: Remember it’s about more than those 2-3 days in december, have a